• Electrolysis, permanent hair removal 
  • Eyelash tinting
  • Eyebrow tinting
  • Eyebrow design 


Chicago Epilation uses only the best technology when treating our clients. The use of the newest equipment and the Apilus Platinum makes hair removal as effective and painless as never before possible. Single short pulses of heat destroy the follicle followed by multiple micro pulses which destroy the follicle in a more concentrated way. After treatment, your skin will receive a massage and smoothing to close the pores for faster healing and recovery.

Chicago Epilation also offers Laser Hair Removal via the Syneron eLaser. The Syneron eLaser delivers treatment to the deep dermal levels to allow for new collagen generation, while protecting the epidermis. Selective heating within matrix thermal bands allows surrounding tissue to remain undamaged, promoting quicker healing time and minimizes the downtime. The results are smooth, toned and renewed skin. Ask us today if Laser Hair Removal is right for you!