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Morgan G.

"Chicago Epilation is a God Send! Cassandra, of Chicago Epilation is professional, courteous and above all very competent in her work. Her performance is exceptional. Other experiences I have had while undergoing electrolysis have not been nearly as effective. I couldn't be more pleased with the results that I have come to find at Chicago Epilation. Cassandra truly operates a first class establishment. If results are what you're looking for give Chicago Epilation a try. You won't be disappointed."


"Before starting electrolysis treatments with Cassandra McCabe, I had seen her work on a trans woman friend. I was impressed by not only how quickly she works but also by how effective the treatments are. Since early March, 2010 I have had weekly appointments with Cassandra lasting from 2 to 4 hours each. I am extremely pleased with the results of my facial electrolysis. Here it is late August, 2010 and I have no trace of the coarse beard hair typical for males. What hair remains is mostly fine in texture. For trans women, electrolysis is an important but lengthy process. With Cassandra's efficient working technique and state of the art equipment, I know I am reducing the time until I am 'hair free' to an absolute minimum. I highly recommend Cassandra McCabe for all of your electrolysis needs."

Katlyn A.

"I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the results you have achieved so far with my hair removal. Compared to the previous "Professional "(not) Electrolysis person I was with, your results have truly been amazing! Thanks for the great work! I have, and will continue to, recommend you."

Erica A.

"Cassie is a true professional in the field of permanent hair removal. Her expertise, knowledge and speed are unmatched as well as her ability to make her clients feel very much at ease while performing her work. She is equipped with the latest technology for both laser and electrolysis hair removal procedures and demonstrates a great deal of skill in her use of the equipment. Her offices are clean, friendly and comfortable and she is more than willing to take the time to answer any and all questions you may have regarding permanent hair removal. I have always been plagued with an abnormal amount of course unsightly facial hair and after trying two other technicians and procedures to remove this hair she has accomplished more in less time than I could have ever imagined. I have also had her permanently shape my eyebrows as an alternative to the bothersome and painful procedure of having them waxed every few weeks and I am absolutely thrilled with the results that I have experienced. All I can say is thank you Cassie. It's wonderful to finally be free of this unwanted hair once in for all."

Kim T.

"Before going to Chicago Epilation, I had spent thousands of dollars trying to get rid of unwanted hair via laser hair removal. I came to Chicago Epilation to try electrolysis and I am so happy with my results! Less than a year later, it is almost gone and I don't have to shave anymore or worry about if people can notice my unwanted hair. Cassie is very professional and experienced. I would recommend Chicago Epilation to anyone! It has changed my life."

Candace H.

"I have been a client of Cassandra McCabe at Chicago Epilation for approximately 2 years. My experience with Cassie has been very rewarding. She is truly a professional! Cassie presents herself as someone very knowledgeable and competent, extremely conscientious, and very much dedicated to her profession. She uses the newest and most state of the art professional hair removal equipment. I am very pleased with her services and highly recommend Chicago Epilation to anyone who wants immediate and permanent removal of unwanted hair."

Vera S.

"I just completed the 20th hour of electrolysis with Chicago Epilation and am seeing wonderful results in these few short months. I'm a transgendered individual whose face has been riddled by testosterone induced hair that must go. Keep in mind, I am not new to electrolysis, after already experiencing 227 hours of electrolysis (but who's counting?) prior to coming to Cassie, with four other electrologists; I do have some means of a qualified comparison. Cassie is without a doubt the fastest and is very fairly priced. She is understanding of the needs of a woman seeking these kinds of services, accommodating in the need for flexibility of dynamic schedules, and a wonderful person. I recommend Chicago Epilation for your hair removal needs."

Shaine C.

"As an adult model, it is critical for the condition of my skin to be impeccable. After countless hours of laser and electrolysis procedures by other 'hair removal experts,' I still had issues with facial skin damage and especially regrowth. Cassandra's expert skills and training on all advanced methods of hair removal have turned out to be the perfect match for me. Since becoming a client of Cassandra, I no longer have regrowth and, equally as important, I no longer have to hide my face for the day after a hair removal session. Her professionalism and genuine desire to be the best is quite refreshing and rare. I applaud her skills."

Ronni G.

"I am very pleased with Chicago Epilation. The most up-to-date equipment is used to minimize any discomfort and ensure complete hair removal. Cassie's technique is so thorough there is no worry that unsightly hairs will return in the future."

Natalie S.

"When seeking out options for hair removal, electrolysis seemed a bit daunting and painful. However, Chicago Epilation provided a painless, professional and technically superior service. Cassie is well educated and trained, is very willing to work with scheduling, maintains an immaculate suite and strives for excellent customer service. I would highly recommend Chicago Epilation for any hair removal."

Tammy R.

"Chicago Epilation provides a clean and comfortable environment. Cassandra is very quick, efficient and always keeps up with the latest technology. I definitely don't miss shaving!"

Melissa T.

"I was tired of wasting time and money on waxing. So, I decided to give electrolysis a try. I could not be more pleased with the results. Chicago Epilation is extremely efficient and Cassandra is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Chicago Epilation to anyone in the market for hair removal."

Rachael A.

"I'm a 29 year old transwoman and graduate student. I'm midway through my transition and I was introduced to Cassie through a friend. Initially, I was interested in laser hair removal to combat my abundant facial hair. However, I have since graduated to electrolysis. Cassie's friendly demeanor was obvious from the word, "Go." I was impressed how well she reassured me and put me at ease, while also explaining the mechanics of the hair removal process. The equipment being used is modern and clearly very well maintained. It is also evident that Cassie cares about my comfort, the cooling aspect of the laser machine and end of session ice-bags are always appreciated! I have seen impressive results from the five laser treatments I've had and have taken great pleasure in watching the hair shed in the weeks after each treatment. Since then I've had one session of electrolysis and am so far equally impressed with the progress being made. Cassie's skill and dedication, as well as the convenient Saturday hours and reasonable rates, have been a total blessing for me. I would whole-heartedly recommend Cassie to anyone wishing to undergo laser or electrolysis in the Chicago area."